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About Us

Centerra International Training Inc. formally known as International Training Incorporated (ITI) has been in the security training business since 1989 and provides training on a global basis to thousands of students from both government and private sector industry. Our training philosophy has always been to customize the training to meet the client's security needs. ITI is a renowned leader and has consistently been in the forefront of innovative, hands-on, realistic and effective approaches to security. ITI has always placed emphasis on taking the offensive approach versus the reactive method when countering the spectrum of threats that impact an individual's security. To meet the challenges of new threats posed today, ITI is continuously assessing, evaluating and analyzing new and innovative approaches to further enhance an individual's security.

ITI's study of hundreds of attacks over decades has led to new methods of protecting people and their possessions. Recognized by Fortune 500 companies and government entities, these new security methods have been proven in actual attacks. ITI's in-depth, tailored training helps individuals recognize, avoid and survive potential threats of organized attacks, kidnappings and violent crimes. By integrating classroom work with practical, hands-on experience, our training not only empowers the individual to recognize threats, but most importantly to avoid them. We analyze past incidents and

instruct on new protective measures that have proven successful in actual threatening situations. The use of realistic scenario-based situations duplicating real-world environments reinforces and practices appropriate responses before an actual incident. The training is designed to de-mystify security and promote individual confidence in being able to respond to adverse situations in an appropriate and successful manner, regardless of the individual's prior background or training.

ITI's concept of training is simple. We show the potential victim how to recognize and avoid an incident and then provide the individual with the hands-on skills to confront it, should that be necessary. This is done through a Systems Approach Technique that stresses travel pattern analysis, surveillance detection and attack recognition. Our systematic training approaches address the total security problem. An increased awareness, backed up with the necessary skills to deal with the problem, is the key to defeating the attack. To date, ITI has over 60 recorded "saves." These are individuals who have survived life-threatening situations due to ITI's instruction and operations.

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