ITI Virginia Course Dates

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  • The minimum number of students required for class to convene is (8) eight.
  • Registration is required to confirm a spot
  • Registrants will be notified of course status (1) week prior to convening date.
  • Once notified, payment will be required to hold a spot.

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Courses scheduled for ITI Virginia 2013 – 2014.

     Date                                      Course                                                                       


Apr 26                                Advanced Driver Education and Crash Avoidance

May 8-9                              Competitive Pistol II

May 12                                Tactical Carbine

May 23                                IDPA. 2.0

May 30                                Tactical Pistol

Jun 19-20                           Tactical Pistol/Carbine

Jun 28                                 Tactical Shotgun